Burning Bridges

How long can you keep repairing the bridge until you let it burn down again?

Is it worth repairing the bridge? Or are you the only one who wants to see if fixed? Or even still, was the friendship even real to begin with? If you’re unsure, then maybe it’s time you just let it go.

How long can you go on before realizing that the bridge you repaired was burned down by the other person?

Honestly, friendship is tricky. Especially with the expansion of social media, it’s insane how standards are different. I feel if you are in not constant contact with some, they just cut you off without saying a word. Or they cut off everyone you have in common with them, so they think that you won’t ever be in their lives again.

When someone burns the bridge, do you take them back?

Well, that depends. How many times have you done this? Like I mentioned above, is it worth all the hassle if you’re just going to continue ripping and decking what you have? Honestly, at this point, I would say no, because if it’s doing anything positive, than what’s the point?

Will you miss the friendship later on, and maybe wish things changed?

As one of my best friends literally told me:

I think the memory of the people we lose whether in good or bad situation will always haunt us in some way… Whether we curse their name at the mention of it or feel remorse when we hear or smell something that reminds us of them… they’ll always be a part of us because they helped us grow at some point. But I believe the best thing is to embrace those feelings and thank them for helping you become who you are whether it be today or tomorrow.

Isn’t he such a good friend though? Shout-out to him, Arran, you’re the best friend literally anyone could ask for.

What do you do in the meantime?

It’s like any relationship. Don’t dwell on it, and eventually things will move on, as if you were fine without them before. If it was meant to be, then things will work out. If you’ve moved on and just forget about, then you’ll know that it was meant to be.

Am I still salty about it?

Honestly, I’m slightly irritated about it, but not enough to go out of my way. If this is what is going to happen, I’m just giving up and I’m not going to try. I could go out of my way, but there’s no point.

What will I do if I run into said person again?

I may just ignore them, or just nod over to them. It’s unlikely that I will see them soon. And if I did, I don’t think that person would even say anything to me, considering that they hate confrontation.


Kay x


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