Why Can’t You…

I guess one of the things that irritate me often, is when I’m explaining to people some issues on my mind, and they say something (that really gets on my nerves, seriously) along the lines of: “Why can’t you see how great you are” or “Why can’t you see what I see?

Uhh, maybe because I don’t have your eyeballs and I’m telling you my insecurities while feeling weird and shameful about sharing them?

Yeah, an overly sarcastic remark, but;

I understand that people are trying to comfort me by telling me that I’m amazing, and everything, but in that moment, that kind of talk isn’t really necessary. Moral of the story, while this is short, is this:

Don’t start out with “Why can’t you

This isn’t a Liz Phair song (Why can’t I – is the name of the song).

But I thank you for the help. Just word it differently, please. Because all you’re accomplishing is the irritation running through my brain.



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