Social Media;

All in all, social media was a great “invention” that made it easier to connect with one another. There is no question about it, however, it did make things a bit difficult when it comes to socializing and outlining what is socially acceptable in our society.

For example, with the upcoming election in the United States, everyone is in a tizzy about who they feel should be the president. And with social media being so vast as it is, everyone has different opinions, but some people feel like if you don’t agree with them, then people have been using hurtful words to get their point across.

This, by the way, should not be news to anyone.

Personally, I just think that social media has blown up into something useful but ugly. Not only does it make certain situations complicated, but it is also like having a double life for some people.

Because you have your facebook life, and your personal life. If you look at my facebook, I play a lot of those name tests because I think they are humorous, and then I also play bejeweled and other facebook games.

I will be positing more about how social media has affected our lives, because there are examples, but I just thought it would be better to outline the subject and then build posts on top of it.




Working Hard

One thing that I would like to point out, is that it’s not too terribly difficult to work hard. And if you think it is, you’re probably in a different field than me.

I work at a library, so things are pretty different, and that’s okay. Also, I have an upper respiratory infection, it’s hard for me to breathe, and I’m at work.

Why may you ask?

Because I’m the only one covering my shift since my coworker quit. The new person starts Monday, which is good. But the first weekend that my coworker left me in the dust, I stressed myself out to the point of sickness. (yay) And now, I am literally trying to push on through, but DayQuil only does so much. That, and I really don’t want to like over-medicate myself, because I need to be coherent.

This post, is literally a shout out to the people who I know in my personal life, which is that I never want to hear anyone tell me that I don’t work hard enough.

Because once again, I’m sick, I feel like crap, and I’m at work.

I did this in retail too and one time my boss told me that I wasn’t working hard enough. It practically took every ounce of over-ridden self-control not to smack him. If I am not feeling well and I am at work, you are damn lucky to have me here.

Also, I can’t rest until Tuesday, so I really need to power through. Today was my day off and that’s when everything hit me like a brick wall, and I want to work tomorrow, though I’m sure if it got really terrible, I could just come home at five when my relieve comes in.

Amber (literally my work best friend now) will be in around five thirty, so at least I could have backup, but Sunday’s are my longest shifts of around 11 hours, and I enjoy working them, that way I don’t need to spend more than 3 days a week at work, and work at my other place of employment.



P.S. I’m thinking of a better send-off at the end of this instead of being or mentally saying “Thanks for looking through my words and making me feel special.”

If I thought I was pretty enough, I would make a gif of me waving or something, but I don’t really know how to do that, to be fair. But seriously, finishing off this particular post, and I’ll be queuing or posting more (depending on how alive I feel) so I can have some sort of fluidity throughout the week.

And on a final note, about 23 days until I fly home (home is in New York, and I am in Oklahoma USA) for Thanksgiving. (Bye again)

Gut Instinct

Gut instinct is incredibly important. I cannot stress this enough, because your body is literally telling you “no” in negative situations. I also think that if I wanted to, I could write a thesis on this with my life experience.

Gut instinct includes that little feeling you get when you are unsure of making your daily choices.


Long story short, if your gut tells you to don’t do it, it’s easier to listen to it. I know that my last two posts were a bit depressive and it may sound somewhat confusing.

Like I said, I’ve never been able to keep a female friend, and it’s always bothered me, and I’ve even ignored my gut. At first, it seemed like that my brain knew better than my gut instinct. Well, if that was the case, than I wouldn’t bring it up, right?


My gut has been right. It has always been right. Learn from me, it will be right and the best you can do is listen because it would probably save you a whole lot of trouble.

Anyways, thanks –



Okay, time to get personal here. But that’s what a blog is for, right?

One of my desires in this world is to have a best friend that will stick with me thick and thin, and that lives near me.

Wow, that wasn’t so hard, but it’s hard to admit out loud sometimes.

I have three best friends that are all male, in my life. I always wanted a female best friend that would just last, but to be honest, I could never keep that connection. Maybe I’m just full of it (put the swear that starts with S but I’m trying not to swear on here) but nevertheless, it’s something that I’ve wanted. But, who really cares, because I can change, but sometimes people can’t, because everything else gets in the way.

It’s taken me some time to realize that it doesn’t matter.

Because at the end of the day, people are going to be in your life because they want to, and you can try, but if they don’t it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. I know this is kind of a crappy post after the last one, but if I would have to go with any shred of advice, remember this.

Never, ever doubt your instinct. If your gut tells you that it won’t work, listen to it.

Because I didn’t and every, single, time, I forget about it. Don’t worry, I’ll post about it later. It’s something that needs to be out in the open anyways.


Burning Bridges

How long can you keep repairing the bridge until you let it burn down again?

Is it worth repairing the bridge? Or are you the only one who wants to see if fixed? Or even still, was the friendship even real to begin with? If you’re unsure, then maybe it’s time you just let it go.

How long can you go on before realizing that the bridge you repaired was burned down by the other person?

Honestly, friendship is tricky. Especially with the expansion of social media, it’s insane how standards are different. I feel if you are in not constant contact with some, they just cut you off without saying a word. Or they cut off everyone you have in common with them, so they think that you won’t ever be in their lives again.

When someone burns the bridge, do you take them back?

Well, that depends. How many times have you done this? Like I mentioned above, is it worth all the hassle if you’re just going to continue ripping and decking what you have? Honestly, at this point, I would say no, because if it’s doing anything positive, than what’s the point?

Will you miss the friendship later on, and maybe wish things changed?

As one of my best friends literally told me:

I think the memory of the people we lose whether in good or bad situation will always haunt us in some way… Whether we curse their name at the mention of it or feel remorse when we hear or smell something that reminds us of them… they’ll always be a part of us because they helped us grow at some point. But I believe the best thing is to embrace those feelings and thank them for helping you become who you are whether it be today or tomorrow.

Isn’t he such a good friend though? Shout-out to him, Arran, you’re the best friend literally anyone could ask for.

What do you do in the meantime?

It’s like any relationship. Don’t dwell on it, and eventually things will move on, as if you were fine without them before. If it was meant to be, then things will work out. If you’ve moved on and just forget about, then you’ll know that it was meant to be.

Am I still salty about it?

Honestly, I’m slightly irritated about it, but not enough to go out of my way. If this is what is going to happen, I’m just giving up and I’m not going to try. I could go out of my way, but there’s no point.

What will I do if I run into said person again?

I may just ignore them, or just nod over to them. It’s unlikely that I will see them soon. And if I did, I don’t think that person would even say anything to me, considering that they hate confrontation.


Kay x

Why Can’t You…

I guess one of the things that irritate me often, is when I’m explaining to people some issues on my mind, and they say something (that really gets on my nerves, seriously) along the lines of: “Why can’t you see how great you are” or “Why can’t you see what I see?

Uhh, maybe because I don’t have your eyeballs and I’m telling you my insecurities while feeling weird and shameful about sharing them?

Yeah, an overly sarcastic remark, but;

I understand that people are trying to comfort me by telling me that I’m amazing, and everything, but in that moment, that kind of talk isn’t really necessary. Moral of the story, while this is short, is this:

Don’t start out with “Why can’t you

This isn’t a Liz Phair song (Why can’t I – is the name of the song).

But I thank you for the help. Just word it differently, please. Because all you’re accomplishing is the irritation running through my brain.



Upcoming Holidays

Not sure if I posted this or not, but I am a recent graduate (I paid off the rest of my school dues this week, so hurray for being poor again, goodbye savings) so I have both my bachelor’s and an associates.

Now, although my grades were poor enough to not be able to automagically qualify for graduate school, I am taking (slow) steps to prepare for the GRE, so I can get into graduate school.

However, because the fall semester is has more holidays, I decided to take this part off, and probably start next fall, so I could have a year off.

Furthermore, because I am taking this break, I realize how fun the holidays can be, even as an adult. Even though I really want to carve pumpkins, and I work every day of the week, I know that I can achieve these goals, if I work hard enough.

On November 21st, I will be flying to New York to where my parents live for thanksgiving and I will be staying there for a whole week. I cannot wait. For Christmas, we’re going to my boyfriend’s mother’s house, and his brother is practically a gourmet chef (well not that good, but self taught, and yummy) so we’ll be headed out that way.

I hope I can have enough posts queued so this stays active. So I’ll just stay motivated, this blog has really been helping me out. It just makes me want to stay positive, which is what I enjoy doing.

So if you’re reading this, or even glancing at it, thank you!