Almost there!

I cannot believe that I leave tomorrow!

I already have two posts queued up for the week, and I’ll try to get on and update as much as I can throughout the week. I already “scheduled” my flights on my calendar. So I fly out Monday, which is technically tomorrow considering that it’s a little past midnight.

I’m currently watching Titanic as I type this up via Netflix, so there’s that going for me.

And I’ve been playing Pokemon Sun since I received it Friday.

Now the only things that I still need to do/figure out for today remains:

  • I need to figure out liquid restraints for carry on (because I will be only carrying a duffel bag and therefore my makeup will be on my carry on or in my purse)
  • I need to accurately weigh the bags to ensure that they are not too heavy
  • I also need to figure out what I want to wear to the airport, because one needs to be comfortable but also able to run at a moment’s notice. Though for the way there, that shouldn’t be an issue. But on the way back….I may just wear my exercise clothes because it may be smarter
  • I also need to make sure I have all of my chargers and to make sure that my fitbit is fully charged. And to ensure that I have my 3Ds, Kindle, Phone (If I forget my phone, dear lord, why would I do that)
  • And make sure that I packed the right makeup palettes (I think that will be my biggest challenge, because it mostly depends on my mood)

Also, I forgotten how upsetting Titanic is as a film, but all the actors/actresses did such a great job on this film. But the high levels of PTSD after surviving or survivor’s guilt must have been tremendous.

I’m at the part where Jack freezes, and my heart squeezes at the thought that if that was me and the person I loved, ugh. It hurts, I know it’s purely fictional, but this was probably not the best movie to watch before getting on a plane tomorrow.

Anyways, I’m going to go to bed. I will continue to queue posts. Also a big thank you because I have 25+ followers and I am so thankful. Thank you so much!