So for those who celebrate lent – it’s coming.

I was brought up in the church – I attended Catholic schools for most of my life (10+ years so definitely¬†most of my life) and I can also say that is one way for a child who turned into an adult to break away and “discover” other means of religion.

I’m practically agnostic/deist but still on the edge, and not making any means to commit to another anytime soon. Yes, it’s because I’m lazy and I’ll be 25 in June so I’m still unsure about everything religion. There’s too much pressure on society’s views on it anyways.

So, one of my closest friends is going through the process of becoming a Catholic. And while I’m excited for him, it really puts things in perspectives on how the Church is set up – and as emotional support I blindly said that I would participate in Lent with him.


So, instead of giving something up, I’m going to do what I did in December (Runcember) and work out more. I pretty much did a 5K every day of December, and while I do have a 5K that I’m walking for Weight Watchers, I’ll be working out every day of March. Except for Sunday’s because I work long hours on that day, and you’re supposed to be taking a break once a week anyways.

Lucky for me, I prefer Tuna to anything, so the No Meat on Friday’s won’t be challenging. We’ll see how it works out, I have everything written in my planner just to make sure. It’s actually a lot of fun to be organized.



WW Update

I actually missed the last two weeks ūüė¶

But I managed to only gain a pound.

The first week, I was really sick, and I wanted to go in anyways, but I figured that it just wasn’t worth the hassle, and it would be super terrible if I got everyone sick. Not only would I feel guilty, but I would feel terrible if I got anyone else sick.

Last week, I got up on time, but I had a doctor’s appointment that ran way¬†too late so I missed it because of that.

On top of it all, I’ve been busy beyond what I thought because of life and everything else. That, and when you work the other times they are open in my area, it is¬†almost impossible for me to go that way anyways. The amount of time to get to the point where I need to be, but then be back in my town (not trying to reveal who I am completely hehe) means that everyone else needs to be off the roads.

So let’s hope that I make it to Tuesday’s meeting.


Positivity Month

I know that I mentioned it here, but I thought that I would give some examples on how I’m trying to write down not only common sense, but things that I think people need to hear.


Also as a PSA – my boyfriend and I did not break up, but I still think that it’s important that these words are expressed.


I hope that these words will help us over time. Also, if you noticed I changed the tag on the right bottom to my instagram name as well.


Just so people could find me. I’m doing it for an entire month, so I should be done by March 3rd (30 ish days) but maybe I’ll do it for longer. It’s definitely making me more chill if that makes any sense.


Hope you like them!!


Weight Watchers Update (3)

I’m sure it’s around the third this year.

Calendar says yes.

Gained 2.4 pounds this week, can’t say I’m too surprised.

With the ice storm that we had this past weekend and the weekend before, I pretty much went into hibernation mode – while trying to work throughout this weekend in the wet and cold.

I also started noticing that I was bringing myself into old habits, like not tracking the food I was consuming, and just not caring overall. ¬†It’s a bit sad, but I’m thankful that I’ve noticed now, instead of later.

If I noticed that I stopped caring later, than I may have done some damage that I couldn’t take back.

Anyways, hope the weather is warm near you.


Weight Watchers Update

I weighed in this week, and I gained 1.8 pounds.

I’m not entirely upset about it, which is a good sign. It’s never good to suddenly spiral into a depression because the week didn’t go how you wanted it to.

I knew that I gained weight when I went out for some pizza with some friends though. While it was tasty going down, my body was not exactly pleased about it being in my system. And by pleased, I mean, that it went down the wrong way, and there were too many oils in my system, and I essentially had bad bowel movements.

Like what can you do, but now I know that obviously I shouldn’t have such greasy fast-food such as that.

And when I do have that kind of food, I have gas.

And it’s a little bittersweet because I want to have that kind of food, but just because I want it, does it mean that I can’t have it?

No, but it’s better if I have it if it’s worth it.

Hope everything is well for you guys.

My home computer is kind of dying, hence why I haven’t been on in awhile. I’ll try to queue up some posts tonight, because we’re supposed to get snowed in.