New Music

One of my favorite things to do, is to look for new music.

But not everyday, because it can take me a couple of weeks to get “tired” of listening to that “new” song, (because it’s new to me). I’m also fairly certain that I drive my other half crazy with the amount playlists that I have on my Spotify account (since he uses mine) because one day my playlist will have 180 songs, and then the next it’s increased to 260.

Now that I think of it, he’s never asked me, but maybe it’s just a fleeting thought when he opens the app on his phone.

Now that I’ve gone through the habit of working out five days a week – to literally restart my body and not to overly freak it out, but I want to lose weight and I can do it five days a week. (I did it four times this week though) I have been attempting to put together a workout playlist, one that will get me pumped.

Songs that are included:

Carrie – Shiny Toy Guns
In My Blood –
The Veronicas
Woman Woman – AWOLNATION (As well as Bad Wolf and Kill Your Heroes)
Nightlight –
Silversun Pickups
Psycho –
Kyoto –

Yeah, an electic taste in music, I know.

But I love electronic/dance/edm music as well as alternative and anything that I grew up with (I’m an early nineties’ kid)

Anything that you would suggest for songs to listen to? Honestly if I could put up my Spotify likes, I would, because it makes for easier conversation.