So for those who celebrate lent – it’s coming.

I was brought up in the church – I attended Catholic schools for most of my life (10+ years so definitely most of my life) and I can also say that is one way for a child who turned into an adult to break away and “discover” other means of religion.

I’m practically agnostic/deist but still on the edge, and not making any means to commit to another anytime soon. Yes, it’s because I’m lazy and I’ll be 25 in June so I’m still unsure about everything religion. There’s too much pressure on society’s views on it anyways.

So, one of my closest friends is going through the process of becoming a Catholic. And while I’m excited for him, it really puts things in perspectives on how the Church is set up – and as emotional support I blindly said that I would participate in Lent with him.


So, instead of giving something up, I’m going to do what I did in December (Runcember) and work out more. I pretty much did a 5K every day of December, and while I do have a 5K that I’m walking for Weight Watchers, I’ll be working out every day of March. Except for Sunday’s because I work long hours on that day, and you’re supposed to be taking a break once a week anyways.

Lucky for me, I prefer Tuna to anything, so the No Meat on Friday’s won’t be challenging. We’ll see how it works out, I have everything written in my planner just to make sure. It’s actually a lot of fun to be organized.



Positivity Month

I know that I mentioned it here, but I thought that I would give some examples on how I’m trying to write down not only common sense, but things that I think people need to hear.


Also as a PSA – my boyfriend and I did not break up, but I still think that it’s important that these words are expressed.


I hope that these words will help us over time. Also, if you noticed I changed the tag on the right bottom to my instagram name as well.


Just so people could find me. I’m doing it for an entire month, so I should be done by March 3rd (30 ish days) but maybe I’ll do it for longer. It’s definitely making me more chill if that makes any sense.


Hope you like them!!


Political Stuff

Everyone is talking about.

Literally, everyone.

Except for me. I try not to post too much about it, because it seems redundant. Yes, the person that I wanted for office did not get in, but I think I’m just so over it, that I don’t even want to discuss it anymore.

The image isn’t exactly how I feel, but I think I’m just so immune to all of it, that I just don’t want to discuss it. It may sound cruel, but I’m just waiting it out. The first 100 days seems to set what the next four years may be like, but I’m also just waiting to see how the American public will take it.

I also think this is the grooming of my degree, to just sit back and watch how society takes things. And then write a paper about it at a later date. Nevertheless, I watch the news closely, but I also don’t want to be so heavily involved that I’m getting frustrated over things that I have no control over.

If last year has taught me anything, it’s to not get overly involved. Thus, I will wait until I feel that it is time that I step in.

Until then –


Social Media;

All in all, social media was a great “invention” that made it easier to connect with one another. There is no question about it, however, it did make things a bit difficult when it comes to socializing and outlining what is socially acceptable in our society.

For example, with the upcoming election in the United States, everyone is in a tizzy about who they feel should be the president. And with social media being so vast as it is, everyone has different opinions, but some people feel like if you don’t agree with them, then people have been using hurtful words to get their point across.

This, by the way, should not be news to anyone.

Personally, I just think that social media has blown up into something useful but ugly. Not only does it make certain situations complicated, but it is also like having a double life for some people.

Because you have your facebook life, and your personal life. If you look at my facebook, I play a lot of those name tests because I think they are humorous, and then I also play bejeweled and other facebook games.

I will be positing more about how social media has affected our lives, because there are examples, but I just thought it would be better to outline the subject and then build posts on top of it.



Work Ethic

I had my phone interview today, which was nerve wracking. I never had  a phone interview before, and I didn’t like it because I couldn’t physically see how well they were taking my words and what they meant. I know that there are voice cues, but I feel like it made the whole process a bit harder, but if I do well in this, they will call me back for in person interviews next week.

The question that stuck with me the most was, “What is your definition of work ethic?” I wouldn’t say that I’ve interviewed a lot, but I wasn’t expecting that sort of question.

When asking Google, it gave me a pretty simple response:


I however, responded with something differently, and this is me paraphrasing since the phone interview happened at 11:45 this morning.

Work ethic is first instilled in us as children when we notice our nuclear families working hard to provide for us, and then as we get older we make the choice of becoming hard working adults to help provide for us. There are individuals, such as myself, who will always work hard to provide more than 100% effort and to continue working so that we can become the best in what we do.

Of course, looking back, it seems that majoring in Sociology has really helped me, not only because I can understand complex ideas, but also when it comes to it, I can explain things in an academic and sociological level. (A brief shout out to Dr Ford and Professor Coopley for busting my butt and helping me this far)

While this is still just for an entry level part time job, I think I gave a pretty decent response.

Until next time,