Thought Journal

When I started the WW journey, I read something through Pinterest that spiked my interest, which was to start a thought journal.

So, obviously I have this blog that I like to post as often as I can about it, but having a thought journal, I noticed, has helped me out a whole bunch more, because I’m actually keeping track of fleeting thoughts.

Because, obviously they were fleeting so I would just forget about them and move on with my life.

WELL not anymore, because I can actually remember them, and it honestly feels great that I have some inkling of an idea about what happened. I bought the journal at my local Ross store for maybe $2.00, which is where it’s still cheap, but it’s just a journal that I can carry around and keep track of my progress. I love it.

That and it makes me feel like I can hold myself accountable for things.

So in essence, it’s like a journal and a planner, except I have a planner. And I do use it, as well.

All and all, I really like that I can use the thought journal to remember things, but also keep me positive.

The first day that I started writing in it (for example) was 11/9 which was obviously right after election day, and was my second day of WW, I wrote this:

Donald Trump isn’t going to stop me from obtaining my goals.

Which to be fair, everyone on my facebook feed was freaking out, and I was tired of the negativity so I just wrote what I felt (what felt) was important. And it really stuck out to me that day, and really inspired me.

That, and I highly doubt that Donald Trump is going to fly down and stop me from making progress. But if he did, I would be impressed, confused, and slightly irritated that he even tried.

Nevertheless, I think it is a fantastic idea to keep one organized as well as aware of the day to day life that we uphold. I’m glad that I decided to track things down.




First Progress

So my first weigh-in at my local WW meeting was Tuesday, and it was really exciting for me!

I lost 6.2 pounds for my first weigh-in.

The day itself went really well, except that I woke up with a split lip, and I felt like it disfigured my face for awhile. It turns out, instead of panicking over something and trying your absolute hardest to make it go away, it’s better if you just let things run it’s full course.

Nevertheless, I’m really happy with my weight loss, because if anything, I think that it showed me that if I mentally commit to anything, I can just try.

Which is what I learned that week, that while it was a pain for me to get up every day and work out, I still did it. I tried hard, and while I did slip up a bit at the end, at least I got up and faced the day, which is what I wanted to see if I could do.

And I can.

Because I can do anything if I set my mind towards it, and if that doesn’t encourage you to try, than I don’t know how else to help. Trying means that you’re working towards it.