Thought Journal

When I started the WW journey, I read something through Pinterest that spiked my interest, which was to start a thought journal.

So, obviously I have this blog that I like to post as often as I can about it, but having a thought journal, I noticed, has helped me out a whole bunch more, because I’m actually keeping track of fleeting thoughts.

Because, obviously they were fleeting so I would just forget about them and move on with my life.

WELL not anymore, because I can actually remember them, and it honestly feels great that I have some inkling of an idea about what happened. I bought the journal at my local Ross store for maybe $2.00, which is where it’s still cheap, but it’s just a journal that I can carry around and keep track of my progress. I love it.

That and it makes me feel like I can hold myself accountable for things.

So in essence, it’s like a journal and a planner, except I have a planner. And I do use it, as well.

All and all, I really like that I can use the thought journal to remember things, but also keep me positive.

The first day that I started writing in it (for example) was 11/9 which was obviously right after election day, and was my second day of WW, I wrote this:

Donald Trump isn’t going to stop me from obtaining my goals.

Which to be fair, everyone on my facebook feed was freaking out, and I was tired of the negativity so I just wrote what I felt (what felt) was important. And it really stuck out to me that day, and really inspired me.

That, and I highly doubt that Donald Trump is going to fly down and stop me from making progress. But if he did, I would be impressed, confused, and slightly irritated that he even tried.

Nevertheless, I think it is a fantastic idea to keep one organized as well as aware of the day to day life that we uphold. I’m glad that I decided to track things down.




What I did this week

I wanted to apologize, or explain why I’ve been gone; election week is problematic, and I’ve tried to stay away from posting anything about it, so sorry that I’ve been gone all week.

May have mentioned it a bunch of times, but Nov 21st (also me and my boyfriend’s 3 year anniversary yay) I am flying to NY where I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family and I’m not returning until Nov 29th. My plan is to queue some posts so my blog won’t officially die when I’m not on, so there’s that.

But I have purchased some new outfits, including some clothing from Maurices, and Old Navy. I even got a good deal on some work out pants from Lane Bryant yesterday that I’m literally in love with.

I love anything with metallic sparkles, and plaid, even though the two don’t go together, but that’s alright.

I also got a Sam’s Club Membership on Thursday, and I feel like my entire life was not used to the fullest when it came to shopping for things in bulk, so I’m also really excited about that.

I will be posting more tomorrow, so thank you for reading!



With this on going election…

Honestly, I’m so happy it’s almost over. I’m not going to post my political views here, mostly because it’s my business and why would my opinion matter?

However, I am really excited about the state questions this year, because maybe some good can actually come to Oklahoma. Maybe. That’s the key word.

Also, enough about politics.

I hate election years because people are always arguing with each other on social media, and I just think that overall, it can be a really negative environment. I’m not just speaking about the United State’s two candidates, it just can get really nasty.

I see people on facebook bashing others for what the believe in.

Politics is a mixture of our background, our beliefs, and how our personality decides how what we believe is right. (I have a more detailed definition, but maybe I’ll discuss that later) People are going to have different opinions, but with people (that I see on my social media outlets) it’s just getting disgusting.

And then they claim that we’re the best country in the world?

Because we can behave like children and then get away with it? No way.

In other words, excuse the venting above, we should just be kind and courteous to one another, because if I’ve learned anything, positivity helps in the longest and best ways.


P.S. These two men arguing, I chose the image because they look like two guys who used to work with me fighting over the card game spoons. So a little humor in there for you if you can envision them fighting over the last spoon.