Generic Goals

Not to sound uber sarcastic about the title, but every year people send out their resolutions, and while I do have goals that I want to continue this new year of 2017, I don’t want to post something and then have someone else remind me (mostly here in person, fyi) that I didn’t follow through with them.

One thing that I do, is that I keep a notepad app on my phone and I write down things that I am working on so I can continue to do what I think is best for me. Then I can also better myself along the way. It’s something that I look at when I start to slowly panic about the future, and as long as I have the space on my phone, it’s a great little tidbit to help me.

I hope to continue my goals throughout the new year, and I hope to continue to post about things that happen in my life so that I can be positive. But for my goals for the new year (they are not in any particular order):

  • Continue weight loss. This one is a given, I lost 14.6 pounds in the last year, and that’s over 2 months and that makes me so thrilled. In 2 months, I made something possible, such as losing weight.
  • Remain positive. I know that it’s easier said than done, but I have realized that the more I stay positive, the less my depression/anxiety hinder me.
  • Continue blogging. This has been life changing for me, because I know now that people are around me that care, and they aren’t “mean people on the internet”.
  • Apply for graduate school. I want to start by next August. Which means it’s time that I get my life in order, and I know that I can do it. I know that it may stress me out, but it’s completely doable.
  • Have a great year. And just in general, I’m ready for the year to whiz by – and that everything goes smoothly. Life is difficult and issues arise, but I want to remember all great things, and just enjoy everything.

I know that it’s generic. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter with what I have, as long as I’m happy. Yes, sometimes I want materialistic goods – because who doesn’t? (my weakness is makeup and clothes, though)

Boyfriend and I may argue, but as long as we have each other, I know that I’ll be happy. I may lose my job, but I have the skills to overcome anything. I can work anywhere, and I can be great at whatever I do. I have learned this about myself, and because of that, I welcome 2017.

Kay x


Upcoming Holidays

Not sure if I posted this or not, but I am a recent graduate (I paid off the rest of my school dues this week, so hurray for being poor again, goodbye savings) so I have both my bachelor’s and an associates.

Now, although my grades were poor enough to not be able to automagically qualify for graduate school, I am taking (slow) steps to prepare for the GRE, so I can get into graduate school.

However, because the fall semester is has more holidays, I decided to take this part off, and probably start next fall, so I could have a year off.

Furthermore, because I am taking this break, I realize how fun the holidays can be, even as an adult. Even though I really want to carve pumpkins, and I work every day of the week, I know that I can achieve these goals, if I work hard enough.

On November 21st, I will be flying to New York to where my parents live for thanksgiving and I will be staying there for a whole week. I cannot wait. For Christmas, we’re going to my boyfriend’s mother’s house, and his brother is practically a gourmet chef (well not that good, but self taught, and yummy) so we’ll be headed out that way.

I hope I can have enough posts queued so this stays active. So I’ll just stay motivated, this blog has really been helping me out. It just makes me want to stay positive, which is what I enjoy doing.

So if you’re reading this, or even glancing at it, thank you!