Painted Nails

This is so weird, but I had to share it.

I’m not too much of a prissy girl, but I have noticed something. (I do apply makeup to my face every day, but I guess you’ll see what I mean) I feel so¬†empowered when I put on dark nail polish – and I don’t really get it.

Maybe it’s like an alter-ego coming and out and realizing how much potential I really have. Or having a switch go on inside and helping me see that I’m a bit more bullet proof than I originally thought.

So I got in the habit about last week – because when I go in for interviews, it looks really nice if my hands are painted versus not being painted. (At least in my mind) and I bought some stuff for it, and I really like how my nails look.

As I look down, I also realize that my skin looks like a different shade, but that’s probably because of the contrast. I bought OPI’s color Russian Navy and I’m in love. I love the dark blue look, but when it comes up to the light, it looks indigo. (Available at your local Ulta)

According to the website it’s supposed to last 10 days, so all I need to do is wait and see.

Thanks for reading this, as always,