I got up in time!!

I got up in time to head to Weight Watchers this morning – which in hindsight isn’t that difficult, but when you get home around 3:15 and then your boyfriend decides to keep you awake so you only have maybe 4 hours of sleep, it was challenging.

But I knew that if I went I could be back on track.

And that’s the case. It was great seeing everyone since it’s been a couple of weeks, it puts me back on track. Which is what I feel like I needed anyways.

It’s honestly a great experience to go back to a community that you haven’t taken part in in awhile, and I gained 3.8 pounds, but considering that it could be so much higher, I’m not terribly upset.

I think it will motivate me to become better this coming week, especially with my Lent Goals that I will be starting at the beginning of next month.

I can’t believe that it’s coming up, in all honesty.




Talkin’ Shit

We all do it.

Don’t lie.

But the issue that I have with it, is that we’re all going to gossip, and if you hear it you may tell your significant other. The issue that I have about it, is that when people talk about you but they don’t even know the situation.

Yeah, I know. It happens.


I have been babysitting for a family that is going through a really¬†difficult divorce. Like the dad has the “divorced dad syndrome” where he wants to play favorites and then the kids act out – it happens. But…

I watched his kids for months and he still owes back payment on child support but tries to get me involved in court.

No. Stop.

I’m 24 going on 25 – and I’m not married. I don’t even live in the same zip code as you (Oklahoma has really weird zip codes, honestly, like Oklahoma City tries to buy all this land and then you have the other towns that just float in their own little islands. It’s so weird)

Sorry that this is really a venting post, but it irks me. I’m not in your life, and now I see the kids like once a month. Ughhhh <insert angry noises here>

People that go through divorces, are so brave. Especially when they get as messy as this. It amazes me how everything gets torn up and just cast to the side, and it scares me that marriages can go through this. If anyone reads this and you’ve been through a divorce, you’re awesome for surviving. Because, this is just way over my head.

Thanks for reading –


WW Update

I actually missed the last two weeks ūüė¶

But I managed to only gain a pound.

The first week, I was really sick, and I wanted to go in anyways, but I figured that it just wasn’t worth the hassle, and it would be super terrible if I got everyone sick. Not only would I feel guilty, but I would feel terrible if I got anyone else sick.

Last week, I got up on time, but I had a doctor’s appointment that ran way¬†too late so I missed it because of that.

On top of it all, I’ve been busy beyond what I thought because of life and everything else. That, and when you work the other times they are open in my area, it is¬†almost impossible for me to go that way anyways. The amount of time to get to the point where I need to be, but then be back in my town (not trying to reveal who I am completely hehe) means that everyone else needs to be off the roads.

So let’s hope that I make it to Tuesday’s meeting.


February Goals

February is almost over, and the job search is still continuing! Instead of looking for full time, I’ve been looking for part time, so I can work 2 part time jobs.

Though, I like having 3 days off a week, but it would be nice to make more money, in the long run so I’m not constantly struggling at the end of the month. However, if I was smart about it, I would just simply work out to the max at those days, so I could get in shape more.

I’ve already come up with my March goals, and I cannot wait to share that with you next. Sorry for the super short post – I have an interview tomorrow! Or technically today, so I can’t wait to explain all about it.

Wish me luck,


Liebster Award

This is my first ever blogging award, and it’s pretty exciting that Life at Any Size recommended this to me. I would like to post here, that I love following all of your posts, and I have downloaded WordPress on my phone for the sole purpose of keeping up with you and your life. It means so much to me that you extended this to me! And thus, the questions:

What inspired you to start blogging?

A friend of mine actually posted on wordpress back in December and I thought that this would be a great, convient way to post about things that interest me, and maybe others as well. Not only do I think that I have a great outlook, but I think it’s intriguing with my background how I view things and I hope that everyone else thinks so.

What are you most proud of?

Honestly, the fact that I finally graduated with my bachelor’s degree last August – I got my degree in Sociology and I started it because it was easy. But I love having a sociological outlook on everything – I think it makes everything more interesting and intriguing.

Describe your ideal Saturday morning.

As of right now, I currently work Saturday’s at the library where I am employed at, and while that is something that I highly enjoy doing, I think my ideal Saturday would be a bit different. I would probably like to wake up naturally and cuddle with my boyfriend for a bit (we live together) and then sit down and listen to my favorite Spotify playlist (Deep Focus) and crochet a bit. And just enjoy the day together.

Coffee or Tea? (and how do you take it?)

I love both. I’ve become somewhat of a Teavana hoarder, so I love the dessert teas that they offer, and I like to drink that at any time of the day. But when it comes to coffee, Dunkin Donut’s Ice Coffee with Hazelnut Flavoring is my favorite. Definitely a go-to in my life.

What is your favorite season?

This is my east-coast heritage coming out, but I love autumn. The way the leaves turn into a spectacular color set is amazing. Now that I live in Oklahoma, it’s not as pretty, but I love seeing my friends post on instagram, and sometimes I think that they take it for granted. However, the weather (for the most part) is beautiful and sometimes not too hot or unbearable.

If you could go back in time and change something about your life what would it be?

I actually think about this a lot, and I don’t think I would change anything. Mostly because I do believe in the butterfly effect – but I’m sure my life would be so different today if I went back and changed something in my life. But maybe spend some more time with my Papa who passed away a couple of years ago. You never truly know what you have until it’s gone.

What TV show or book is your favorite guilty pleasure?

TV Show – The Bachelor and The Bachelorette – I love watching reality tv, and it’s my favorite guilty pleasure. My boyfriend doesn’t get it, but I love the stupid drama that they have, because it makes me appreciate my life so much more.

Book – The Twilight series. Okay, hold on. I lived in Ukraine between the ages of 14-17 and this was my one anchor to the US that I had. I still like to read the books, because even though they are cheesy, they remind me of a simpler time, when I was a teenager obsessed with love. The idea of it, anyways.

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Back home to my family – they’re all on the East Coast (NY, CT, MA, and DC) and I would love to spend more time with them, but it’s so expensive! And Oklahoma has been my home for about 8 years now.

What is your absolute favorite food and why?

Cottage Cheese – don’t judge me. It just reminds me of holidays with my family. That and I can eat tubs of it. I know, I’m weird.

Would you rather travel by car, plane, train, or ship?

Plane – it’s fast convienent, but also frustrating, because if you miss your flight, wave goodbye to your smooth travel plans. Seriously though.

And now, for my questions~

  1. What is your motivation?
  2. Where do you see yourself in the future?
  3. If you could travel anywhere with all expenses paid, where would you go?
  4. What is your favorite restaurant or coffee shop?
  5. What is your greatest fear?
  6. What do you regret most in your life?
  7. Chocolate or vanilla?
  8. What do you wish for the world?

And I nominate:

  1. BeautywithStaceFace
  2. Thriving Under Pressure
  3. Msletterwritingu

Thank you for all those who have even looked on my page, I wish you well in your future endeavors!!!

Positivity Month

I know that I mentioned it here, but I thought that I would give some examples on how I’m trying to write down not only common sense, but things that I think people need to hear.


Also as a PSA – my boyfriend and I did not break up, but I still think that it’s important that these words are expressed.


I hope that these words will help us over time. Also, if you noticed I changed the tag on the right bottom to my instagram name as well.


Just so people could find me. I’m doing it for an entire month, so I should be done by March 3rd (30 ish days) but maybe I’ll do it for longer. It’s definitely making me more chill if that makes any sense.


Hope you like them!!


Health Care Professionals

They put up with so much crap, and I don’t even know the full extent of it because I was just in my doctor’s office this morning and this woman was mad that she was told she shouldn’t have children at this time.

Which goes back to my previous post – like customer service, is so underrated.

Not only that, but like, you should¬†probably listen to your doctor. They tend to know what’s better for your body over some little snot-nosed person who is overweight and wants to pop out kids – but also likes to blame the doctors for it.

There is the issue that doctors don’t always know what they’re talking about, but then again, I would still trust them over something that you feel strongly about. If it can be proven, then why are you being a butt about it.

Not getting into what society would say about that.

Just my two cents