A friend of ours is getting married today. We’re excited but I also think that 3 years isn’t that long, but that’s my opinion. I’m happy for them regardless.

Though I guess it makes sense if people are looking at it like a time line for having children and all, like what else can we do? But pop them out early I guess. Which now makes me think about having children around the ages of 30 – which might be the social norm these days.

I finished my makeup and now I have my eyes watering up, which is not what I want at all, but that’s natural, I guess.

Also, I’m happy because I had a dress that I was going to wear but it’s too big now! But now it kind of just sits in my closest, so that is a bit sad. Anyways, hope all is well with everyone, and I hope to be more active soon.

Also, I’m down 22 pounds!!



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