Talkin’ Shit

We all do it.

Don’t lie.

But the issue that I have with it, is that we’re all going to gossip, and if you hear it you may tell your significant other. The issue that I have about it, is that when people talk about you but they don’t even know the situation.

Yeah, I know. It happens.


I have been babysitting for a family that is going through a really difficult divorce. Like the dad has the “divorced dad syndrome” where he wants to play favorites and then the kids act out – it happens. But…

I watched his kids for months and he still owes back payment on child support but tries to get me involved in court.

No. Stop.

I’m 24 going on 25 – and I’m not married. I don’t even live in the same zip code as you (Oklahoma has really weird zip codes, honestly, like Oklahoma City tries to buy all this land and then you have the other towns that just float in their own little islands. It’s so weird)

Sorry that this is really a venting post, but it irks me. I’m not in your life, and now I see the kids like once a month. Ughhhh <insert angry noises here>

People that go through divorces, are so brave. Especially when they get as messy as this. It amazes me how everything gets torn up and just cast to the side, and it scares me that marriages can go through this. If anyone reads this and you’ve been through a divorce, you’re awesome for surviving. Because, this is just way over my head.

Thanks for reading –



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