So everyone seems to have a favorite month/holiday, but to be honest I love them all. Christmas is wonderful, but there’s never been a month that’s just continuously let me down, so I think I’m grateful for that.

I also love February because it’s kind of like the warm and fuzzy month, because of Valentines Day. Though I will say, that I’m seriously over people looking for a Valentine or people posting on my social media saying they want a Valentine’s Day kiss.

That kiss is literally unimportant, because it’s just a normal kiss. I could kind of understand people that are on my facebook who are just super lonely and want to experience it. But then, it’s also confusing to me, because why would you want validation for something so meaningless in your life?

I probably have a different view on this than others, and I’m not trying to bring anyone down, I just think it’s stupid. (Because in my mind, it is)

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a happy February where they can achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. I will be trying to post more, or queue up more posts because I love reading other’s and I don’t want this to die.


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