People Change

But can they do it overnight?

Some people that I’ve recently cut out of my life I had the pleasure of running into the other day, and it was a whole entire experience. I’m actually still a little weirded out by it, just because I have never dealt with it before.

The changing personalities overnight thing.

Like, instead of being so negative but so positive, as well as calm, and wise. But if you bring something up, you couldn’t even see a resemblance of what the conversation would used to go down as.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve changed, than I’m super happy for you. What it tells me, is that either I needed to get out of your life, or you just needed the wake-up call.

The whole thing just freaks me out. I can’t tell if it’s an act or what. But I guess, if I just wait awhile, I will see if the change is permanent or not.



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