Weight Watchers Update

I weighed in this week, and I gained 1.8 pounds.

I’m not entirely upset about it, which is a good sign. It’s never good to suddenly spiral into a depression because the week didn’t go how you wanted it to.

I knew that I gained weight when I went out for some pizza with some friends though. While it was tasty going down, my body was not exactly pleased about it being in my system. And by pleased, I mean, that it went down the wrong way, and there were too many oils in my system, and I essentially had bad bowel movements.

Like what can you do, but now I know that obviously I shouldn’t have such greasy fast-food such as that.

And when I do have that kind of food, I have gas.

And it’s a little bittersweet because I want to have that kind of food, but just because I want it, does it mean that I can’t have it?

No, but it’s better if I have it if it’s worth it.

Hope everything is well for you guys.

My home computer is kind of dying, hence why I haven’t been on in awhile. I’ll try to queue up some posts tonight, because we’re supposed to get snowed in.



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