Getting Back

…to everyday life is such a sad thing to think about, but I’m back to everyday life at this point.

It was weird being ill, traveling, and then off from work for a bit over a week, because not only have I had a chance to think about everything – from minor things to major things – but I have easily thought of my next phase in life.

Which, I have either said aloud many a times, or I posted here. I’ll post it again to be sure, it’s to start graduate school or at least get into it.

And, I want to have a good semester at school – even though I’m not in school, I work at a school. So this is kind of turning into the new year’s resolution post for me, but I would like a couple things for me when I’m at work this semester:

  • Less drama. Thankfully I am with people where there will probably be no drama, let’s be honest.
  • Positive work environment. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the one above, but as long as everyone is happy then we can all be happy, and do our jobs well.
  • A chance to move up. This may not happen, but if it could, that would be amazing. However, it’s hard because I think my boss gets it, but then sometimes I’m afraid to ask to be considered for something.

I’m not asking for a miracle for this, but I hope that some of these are doable, considering how wonderful and enjoyable my job is. As per usual, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day, or will have a fantastic day/night.




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