That are out of your control are the absolute worst. Not only can you start to feel the stress to kick in, but for me, anxiety bears it’s face.

My mind starts racing. I go from simple thoughts of “What am I going to do?” to complex thoughts of “What happens if this happens and then this and that and what if….” 

I know that the situation is out of my hand. I’m typing it out right this moment to distract me. 

As you may know, I’m flying. Not like on drugs or anything but I’m flying in the air. 

My flight was delayed in Dallas by 2 hours. The flight was massively over booked because there are places to which we need to get our bags. 

Long story short, my bag is going to baggage claim in Philadelphia and I’m flying to Stewart. What if I’m late and I miss my flight?

I’m Not trying to shift the blame either, but if you know the flight is full, then why don’t offer to stow bags? There are always preventative measures, and now I’m still on the flight and we have yet to take off (When I post it I’ll have landed) and it’s 13:13. 

Now I’m doing okay at the moment but all the anxious thoughts are running through my head and I’m starting to feel the stress. I think my headphones are in that bag too, so I can’t listen to music to help calm me down. 

I need to wait at least 45 minutes before I can get some water to take an anxiety pill, because I know that I need it or I could ask my neighbor but that’s unlikely. 

The lady yelled at me, and I know that I’m an adult and I can keep it together. But moral of this post, flying can suck and you can be thrown into a shitty situation. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault, it is what it is. And now that I’ve typed this out I feel better, I do. But I’m in a situation that I don’t want to and didn’t ask to be in

Such is life. 

I think I’m going to will myself to sleep. 

Also, I apologize for a very raw post.

Update: Feeling a whole lot better! Can post another update about it. 



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