Current thoughts

It dawned on me (literally at dawn) how it all requires perspective. 

And obviously I’m not the first one to connect the dots on this one. I’m not going to take credit for such a common sense thought.

However, I do think that everyone needs a chance to fly. 

It’s freeing and as I stated obviously before, it puts everything into perspective. As I fly over Oklahoma into Texas I remind myself that I can’t keep living for others.

Dreams only happen when we work for it.

So why should I put my dreams on hold for others when they wouldn’t do the same for you? (actually I don’t know for sure of that’s true but considering that I’m on her payroll, I doubt it

Therefore, as I have the Sun’s rays graze my face from inside this aircraft, I implore you all to remember that we may only get one shot at life so why waste our time in a career we don’t love, or a relationship that you know won’t last? 

More posts later! (Maybe)



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