American Airlines

So as I booked this flight, that I am on today, it dawned on me.

“Oh! I can fly from Stillwater because of American Airlines, yay!”


After I booked my flight, I realized why I’m not a fan of American. I pretty much need to pay for every little thing, and that really frustrates me. Yes, Delta is a more expensive airline, but at least if I ask for a water they won’t be like “Four dollahs”

And, I’ve never flown out of Stillwater before, so I’m a bit nervous about it as well.

Also, I’ve flown alone before, but I’m a bit nervous about flying alone this time, because I’ve been flying with my boyfriend. And I love doing that, so now, I get to be alone, and hopefully get some rest on the flight.

I have some issues when flying, like I am consistently aware of how overweight I am, and I don’t like to draw attention to myself when I don’t know people. (But if I know you, I’m pretty loud)

I hope it won’t be too terrible, and I will be airport-ing for about 12 hours on Thursday, and about the same on Monday.

Hope I make it in one piece and they don’t lose my luggage.


2 thoughts on “American Airlines

  1. Life... At Any Size says:

    safe travels! flying alone is actually not too bad – I’ve done it for work a few times. and I know exactly what you mean about being “aware” of your size on a plane! It’s very uncomfortable… especially in a middle seat!

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