It’s dead week and finals week at the university that I work at, so naturally we have decided to open the library for 24 hours – five days a week. So naturally, I told my boss that I can work as many as she would need me to.

Which is equivalent to me working Tuesday-Friday this week from 2am – 7:30am.

I’m not overly excited, but I also know that it’ll be a good bonus check at the end of the day. So, I’m happy to do it.

Next week, I’ll only be working 2 weeks unless my bosses want me to work more, because sometimes it’s easier for them to not work as much.

Well, hopefully I won’t be too bored.

I’ve recently purchased the Harry Potter extended movies through my Amazon Prime account. So I have something to watch, while I’m staying up, and Harry Potter tends to keep me pretty awake, regardless.

Anyways, this post is queued, so hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far!

This was the only image that seemed somewhat positive, other than me putting alcohol into my orange juice in the morning. Ha



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