Thanksgiving Vacation

I almost forgot!

Thanksgiving this year was actually pretty decent, considering that it wasn’t overly stressful.

Normally my mother would consistently give me the “evil” eye look if I was consuming too much, and the fact that I didn’t receive it must have meant that I was doing well. Actually, I know that I was because I consciously felt like I was reaching my goals.

On top of that, I wanted to workout every day, but I started bonding more with my dog, Pepper, more than ever before. I would take her out to the trail near my parent’s house and the trail is 1.56 miles on way, and thus, I would do it twice. (1.56 x 2 = 3.12)

Essentially, I was doing a 5K a day, which helped me with my #runcember goal for December. At first, it was a total pain doing that much a day, but then as the week moved on, not only did it become easier, but it was also something that I knew that I could continue when I came back home.

We actually currently have a cat, but a friend of ours is looking to re-home their dog, so if our cat would get along with the dog, I’m sure that I would be more motivated to work out as often.

I believe with the dog, I was more motivated to exercise because I didn’t want to let down the dog, because I always want to make sure that the dog is happy – not necessarily over myself, but I would like the dog to be happy while I’m happy.

But overall, I was so happy to see my family and some of my extended family as well. It made me realize how important it is to spend time with my loved ones.

Thanks for reading, as always,



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