Staying Busy

One of the main issues that I have with my job, is that it can be hard for me is staying busy. For the full amount of time that I’m working, because depending on the time of year I have stuff I need to do.

Also, I should point out, that I work 2 part time jobs, one at a university library and one as a part-time nanny. Which, nanny-ing I don’t mind, but I would rather find a more stable job so I can actually bring home money and be able to do the things that I want to do.

Anyways, so at the library that I work at, I work three days a week: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. And I’m already doing all of my work responsibilities, so that’s not entirely what I’m referring to.

My issue, is that after I graduated, I obviously have no more homework to do, so I find other ways to occupy my time. This, running a blog, is included because it helps me clear my head, so I can move on and potentially digest whatever I’ve been thinking about.

So today, I have restocked all the materials that I need to at work, I have spent some time planning efficiently, and I have set aside things and topics that I want to post about here on Ambivertedd.

(I am writing this post on 12/3 even though this will post 12/4, fyi)

Nevertheless, because I want to start graduate school in the fall of next year, I think it’s beneficial if I start looking for a full time job so I can ensure that I can make money as I continue my education. (Look for a post about this topic as well)

I think it’s beneficial to break the topics up instead of throwing down information all at once. Therefore, you’re not overloaded with information.

Thanks again,


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