Reuniting with People

While I sometimes despise Facebook, and let me be completely honest, because I completely do at times, I love that I can reconnect with people.

Though, to be honest as I’ve mentioned that I have a horrid memory I like reconnecting with people but then they sometimes bring up “hey do you remember this?” Uh, no obviously not, thank you for ruining it for me.

So I “ran into” someone that I haven’t seen for years. And I would like to mention now, that most of my friends happen to be men, just because while I do have friends that are female, it can be so difficult always being friends with them. Either I get stabbed in the back, or something terrible happens. So yeah, not too crazy on that. (I do have Christine and Amber though, let’s not forget).

I would like to say that it’s been almost eight years, if not eight. And he comments on my posts every once in awhile, and I don’t expect us to become best friends instantly again, but it’s nice that people are still thinking positively of me.

I would also like to say that is something that I wish on everyone. I always hope that there is someone that will think about you in a positive way, because there is nothing better than that.

I hope that while I’m on my trip I can stop by and we can just meet up (since he lives in New York City) and I’m also honestly horrid at keeping in touch with people because I do live in the Midwest and it’s not like we can go get a coffee all the time. (Holy crap, talk about a long sentence)

Hope everything is going well with you, if you decided to stop by, and have a happy Thanksgiving week!



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