Thought Journal

When I started the WW journey, I read something through Pinterest that spiked my interest, which was to start a thought journal.

So, obviously I have this blog that I like to post as often as I can about it, but having a thought journal, I noticed, has helped me out a whole bunch more, because I’m actually keeping track of fleeting thoughts.

Because, obviously they were fleeting so I would just forget about them and move on with my life.

WELL not anymore, because I can actually remember them, and it honestly feels great that I have some inkling of an idea about what happened. I bought the journal at my local Ross store for maybe $2.00, which is where it’s still cheap, but it’s just a journal that I can carry around and keep track of my progress. I love it.

That and it makes me feel like I can hold myself accountable for things.

So in essence, it’s like a journal and a planner, except I have a planner. And I do use it, as well.

All and all, I really like that I can use the thought journal to remember things, but also keep me positive.

The first day that I started writing in it (for example) was 11/9 which was obviously right after election day, and was my second day of WW, I wrote this:

Donald Trump isn’t going to stop me from obtaining my goals.

Which to be fair, everyone on my facebook feed was freaking out, and I was tired of the negativity so I just wrote what I felt (what felt) was important. And it really stuck out to me that day, and really inspired me.

That, and I highly doubt that Donald Trump is going to fly down and stop me from making progress. But if he did, I would be impressed, confused, and slightly irritated that he even tried.

Nevertheless, I think it is a fantastic idea to keep one organized as well as aware of the day to day life that we uphold. I’m glad that I decided to track things down.




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