Caloric Intake

So last week, (Thursday) my mom and I had a nice long talk about my weight loss and I went to a Weight Watchers Meeting with a friend of mine on Saturday morning. (If anyone had any qualms about how unmotivated I am, I woke up at 7am to be ready for the 8:30 meeting – I normally wake up at 11am) So I signed up for Weight Watchers today, after feeling really motivated about everything and this weekend I took some time to realize how much I eat in a day, which is a lot.

On Saturday, I noticed I actually consume a lot of food, both in calories (I’m sure) and in reality (because we’re not going to count calories) On Saturday, I ate an entire large cheese pizza on my own. Because I was hungry and I knew that I could do it.

That terrifies me.

I wasn’t realizing how much that I could eat until recently. I could easily eat two meals from McDonalds or Chick-fil-a and just be fine after, because one couldn’t fill me. And you know it’s fine when your boyfriend says it because he’s maybe 140 pounds and he’s pretty thin.

So, today, I start. And today, I got up and I worked out. And it was great, because I knew that I could have actually done it. However, it was really hard. Because I was trying my best to stay positive.

Like, “Okay, I’m almost half way there, I can do this”. But, it probably didn’t help that the person next to me was watching the election, and I was bored.

Tomorrow is my first meeting, and while I’m nervous, I’m also excited about it, because while the journey is going to be tough, I can do it. I’m just surprised that I wasn’t aware of the state that I put my body in.

And I want to be healthy. It really isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about being able to live longer so my boyfriend and I can enjoy each other’s company for longer. And so I can be on this earth longer.




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