Thank Goodness…

…for people who let you in, while you are driving.

I had this experience this past Saturday, where I was driving to get some food for lunch. Honestly, sometimes it makes me mad when I’m behind them, but I think that I have realized the error of my ways this way.

So, I was turning left to get to a food place so I was crossing traffic, and I literally held up the line for other people. Which is something that makes me overly nervous anyways, because (I do this too, but) people get really angry when they are in their cars (so me included)  and I don’t want to have any ill will towards people in their cars, since I have a lot of decals on mine, and it stands out at times.

Therefore, thank you for people who are kind enough to let others get in and out of places that are on the opposite side of the street. I know this is a short post, but it means a lot. Mostly because as I am waiting, then I get nervous because I have yet to cross the street.

I would normally go out of my way to go around, but with some of the grid systems, it takes me an extra 10 minutes and then some with traffic. And then, I think, that I should just get over my anxiety and try it anyways.

Naturally I get flustered, but thank you to all the drivers who let others in as we go places. Sometimes I’m being mean and I won’t people in because I’m late or something else, but this just reminds me to think positively because maybe I can do a nice gesture and allow someone in.

While I don’t care what people think of me, I would rather not dwell on someone’s fleeting thought that I was being a jerk.

Anyways, thanks!



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