All my life, I’ve been “overweight”.

As in, I consistently remember people telling me that I need to lose weight, so I could fit into cute clothing, or whatever. This came from my family, my friends, and even when I was younger (back when I was in a teen “in love”) I was pretty much shamed for my weight.

Depressing, right?

Yes, I’m considered plus sized, and I hate thinking that you know that people would just like me so much more if I was thinner. I will admit, I’ve thought about it enough, that even if I had a penny I would have some serious cash saved away. (That would be really nice to have though, in all seriousness)


I have recently been shopping at Lovesick as I may have mentioned in my Halloween post, which is Torrid‘s sister store-kind of. Honestly, I’m in love.

I’ve bought about 3 outfits from them, for about $50 a piece (for the outfit). Which in terms of plus sized clothing, is relatively cheap. At least, in my opinion. I love Torrid, don’t get me wrong, but my heart cries when I look at the price tag.

I also shop at Maurices, but they kind of always have a theme going on that is not what I’m looking for, so it’s hard for me to find clothing that I always want there. However, the jeggings at Maurices are very nice, and very comfortable. 10/10, will definitely purchase again.


I’m thankful to stores like Torrid, Lovesick, and Maurices because they actually have good quality plus sized clothing that is not stretched out that should be on something for someone who is “normal” sized clothing.

Take Forever21 for instance, love their clothing, but unless you buy it 2-3 sizes up, it WILL shrink to something super tiny, and then I wonder what and who I have wronged in my life. (I would like to state here, that I do follow what the tag says on my clothing, but either the shirt deteriorates because of the cheapness or it shrinks) Also, I love Rue21, but really only the joggers, leggings, and sweatpants are working for me. (Are those two owned by the same company? I just realized they have the same number in them, wow I’m slow)

Another clothing store that I love shopping at is Yoursclothing which is based in the UK, and it’s around $5 for shipping to the US, and it should get here in 5-8 business days. Which, I think is pretty quick, considering that if I order off Zulily I will be waiting anywhere from 2-4 weeks, which I do realize when I’m ordering, but I want things.


I am thankful that there are cuter clothing for plus sized women/girls out in the world now, and it’s not just shameful old lady clothes. I am glad that people are realizing that not everyone is a Popsicle stick (but if you are, then wear the cutest clothes you can because I am rooting for you).

Sorry if this post was depressing or upsetting, but I’m tired of having clothing that I used to be so ashamed of wearing. But now, I feel like I can be cute, and I can look good. Regardless of what size I am.




One thought on ““Fat”

  1. beautifullyfullfigured says:

    your first paragraph,thats what i went through too.Now that i’ve accepted myself and dont care what people say about me,when a person starts talking about losing weight,i be like “i dont wanna lose weight”


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