Happy Post Halloween

That’s my friend Amber and I, she actually bought me the dress I’m wearing. She’s so nice, and I’m thankful for a friend that will buy me gifts and such (uh, I do the same to my friends, so I don’t want any of you to think that I’m using her).

Amber recently got the full time position at our mutual place of work, and wanted to wear more business appropriate clothing so we went to Torrid together on Friday, and I fell in love with this dress, but I couldn’t come up with the ~$7o at the time (because last paycheck went to rent, which I need to pay now, because it’s November, goodbye money!) so because it was a buy one get one sale, the amount she saved was the exact amount of how much my dress cost.

Now I can pay her back by doing her makeup for her and stuff like that, since I tend to be good at it. (Not trying to boost my own horn, I just like to and such) Anyways, it’s nice to have friends that will spot you and vice versa every once in awhile. And Amber knows I’m good for it, so it works out for me too.

So, she dressed in a silk dress also from Torrid, and so that’s her on the left, with the really nice red hair, and please don’t judge me on my hair, I’ve been growing it out, so my dirty-ish blonde hair has been coming free. While that’s all fun and done, I feel like it looks greasy all the time, but I still like how long it’s gotten.

So I’m pretty sure that I’ve worked over my maximum hour limit (29) this week at the library, but I’m glad that I did, because I get to hang out with her and see all the students who dressed up and everything else. Also, I love working where I do, and the coworkers that I have are amazing.

Not only do they encourage me, but they are very helpful, and very proficient in their fields. Not like, top in their fields, but if I ask them a question, they give me professional hours versus answers that would not help me. I don’t know if that even helped explain it, but that’s the point.

So, hope you had a fun Halloween, considering that I was working the entire time for me (but I had fun because I love my job, as I said)




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