Happy November!

So it’s officially November now, so happy Thanksgiving month!

I would post about all the things I’m thankful for per day, but I think it gets old pretty quickly. Regardless, I may be posting about some things that I am thankful for throughout the month, just because it’s nice to have a little extra positivity.

A crazy thing happened to me today, about 3 years ago I lost my keys at my friends house – strangest thing ever. I had my keys when I entered her house, and then I couldn’t find them.

Was late to work, and my boss told me that I was a (insert swear here) liar, and I had to go with my spare keys, which is what I’ve been doing all this time. But it makes me so paranoid in case I lost the keys I’ve been using, you know?

I even have locked them in my car multiple times and my car insurance didn’t cover that, which seems like you wouldn’t need it when you sign up for it, but you do. Because it’ll cost you $50-150 depending on when you locked it in and where you’re located…believe me I’ve spent some money on it too.

Anyways, my friend found my keys! They were literally in the stuffing of her couch, and that’s why I couldn’t find them. I actually enlisted my boyfriend at the time to help ransack the house and nothing

It’s nice to have such good news at the beginning of the month – kind of like proof that anything can happen.

Also, I dressed up for Halloween, not like costume-dressing, but I wore a dress to work, so that’s something.

I’ll have to post about that next and what happened over the weekend.

Hope you guys enjoy November! (I know I will! Less than 3 weeks before I travel to New York)




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