Social Media;

All in all, social media was a great “invention” that made it easier to connect with one another. There is no question about it, however, it did make things a bit difficult when it comes to socializing and outlining what is socially acceptable in our society.

For example, with the upcoming election in the United States, everyone is in a tizzy about who they feel should be the president. And with social media being so vast as it is, everyone has different opinions, but some people feel like if you don’t agree with them, then people have been using hurtful words to get their point across.

This, by the way, should not be news to anyone.

Personally, I just think that social media has blown up into something useful but ugly. Not only does it make certain situations complicated, but it is also like having a double life for some people.

Because you have your facebook life, and your personal life. If you look at my facebook, I play a lot of those name tests because I think they are humorous, and then I also play bejeweled and other facebook games.

I will be positing more about how social media has affected our lives, because there are examples, but I just thought it would be better to outline the subject and then build posts on top of it.




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