Every year, I volunteer at the local zoo for Halloween. But, any event that they need me for and I’m available, I do. Nevertheless, I think it’s so important to volunteer, really at any place.

The importance of volunteering is to give back to the community. I like partaking in Haunt the Zoo at our zoo, because I always meet really cool people, and I feel like I’m helping someone out. Which, I is the most important part.

With me being so busy, it makes it harder, but even if I can’t volunteer during Halloween, I’ll do it for events such as concerts, or 5Ks.

I feel like I use a lot of commas, so I apologize.


I think the best thing that someone can do is to make establishments through volunteering their time. This includes events like this, as well as internships, and other opportunities. But make sure you get paid eventually, because it would be unfair if you(whoever decides to read this, thank you, by the way) don’t get paid for work.

So go out and volunteer and give back to the community; and listen to the Gandhi quote.



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