Unfinished projects

Seriously, I have so many of them.

I am working three blankets, two scarfs, and three shawls.

I told myself that when I was done with college, I could finally start on all the stuff that I was missing out on. But obviously it seems that once you’ve gotten your degree, there really is no such as free time. (I type as I’m watching anime and typing this out).

Truthfully, I am busy. I work 2 part time jobs, and I’m trying to get a third. I make decent money, but I want to make more so I can save instead of just spend. (Even though I have this wonderful habit of buying things I want if I have the money for it.) [<– The wonderful part is completely sarcastic, if you didn’t pick up on it.]

Also, in my free time (since it’s Halloween time) I’ve been trying to play Guild Wars 2’s Halloween events, because it’s my third year.

However, if I get this other job, I won’t have much time to do my hobbies, but never the less, I think it would be good to have some extra income in. Or I could just sell my blankets and things online, but I’m afraid people would hate them.




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