Positive Spin

Okay, hey, sorry, I’ve been pretty busy this week and I’m sorry for lack of posting. Mind you, it’s been 3 days, but I’ve been thinking about what to post for a while now, so hopefully I can come up with concrete ideas that will turn into great posts.

So, this video has been floating around on my facebook for some time now, and I’ll post it below, in case you don’t want to open a new tab. And I don’t have an issue with this video, but I also think that anxiety isn’t or shouldn’t always be something so negative.

Don’t get me wrong, my anxiety, sucks. It does, but as I posted in the past, you know I can use it to do good as well. So while my mind is literally panicking, I try to chill out and just realize that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel this way, but in a way it encourages me to try harder.

So I can be good enough, so I can be a better friend, so I can be a better person. So when I look back at my life in five years, I can be happy knowing that there will be some times where I can’t take it and that’s okay, but there can be days that I overcame everything, and I kicked my anxiety in the face.

Or some other body part, I thought face was a good one though.

Also, for the image, I’m not religious, but I found the image comforting. If you don’t like it, sorry.



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