My Hobbies and Likes

So I don’t want to seem like a Negative Nancy, always talking about my issues, so I thought that I would give a little background.

So, I love watching TV when I’m doing something (like now, for example, I’m catching up with How to Get Away with Murder, I think I’m on S3…whichever is on now). I love a lot of Canadian television shows such as Heartland and Bitten.

I also love to crochet, because I love making blankets, scarfs, hats, anything. Especially now that it’s getting colder (even here in Oklahoma!) My family is from the east coast though, so it’s not too terrible.

Also, anything relaxing, I’ll probably try. My boyfriend works for the federal government and I work for the state government, also that previous statement, I don’t do drugs haha, unless it’s prescribed.

I love anime and manga, my favorite being Fairy Tail, I’ve been following that for about a decade now, so it’s seriously helped me over my ups and downs. The same with Pokemon games, those have also had a positive reinforcement on me.

And I’m slowly getting into 5K running, that last one was so fun, and even though I hate the fact that I’m overweight, I really enjoyed it.

Oh and finally, I love makeup. I have LE palettes and everything else. I adore makeup, and I love the different uses I can use it with.

Anyways, sorry for short post, I am getting a bit distracted.


Kay 🙂


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