The Past

Ever get seriously embarrassed about the past? You’re just enjoying your day and then suddenly as you are over thinking, you remember something that you did or didn’t do and it comes back and haunt you?

Yeah, we need a club for this, seriously.

I used to just cringe every time that it ever happens, and really used to wallow in self pity.

It would get bad, like time to cry and make a river, and then be moody for days upon days, and then eventually tell myself that it doesn’t matter.

Now, if I remember something I did or said, I just try to reach out to them through Facebook or twitter and then either apologize or try to make whatever I did right. That way, even though I felt past guilt about it, now I can just move forward.

It’s super awkward for some of it because the people I get in contact with are like “Why do you still remember this?!” and the answer is simple:

my anxiety won’t let me forget.




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