Weight Loss

Not sure if I have posted about this, but I know that I talked about my weight, not sure about weight loss.

So, I’m around 275 right now and I’m about six feet tall, which weight wise, my fat is mostly in my stomach, so I’m thankful for great genes to have it all in one location. So when I’m at the Thanksgiving table this turkey season, you best believe I’ll be thankful for that.

My weight has been up and down ever since I was a teenager, and my heaviest was 325. which was around 2 years ago. I am thankful that I’ve pretty much maintained the same weight for the past year, but losing weight is pretty difficult for me.

Thus, my doctor, has put me on the ScaleDown program where I weigh myself every day, and see how the weight changes. And let me tell you, at first it was so depressing. Because I felt that not only did my weight fluctuate so much over a span of a week, but the number sort of haunted me.

This would be the time where I say “hey I’ve tried a lot of diets out there, and they all suck” but unfortunately because I work such a weird and hectic schedule, that statement doesn’t really exist.

The one thing that I have “found” was that the less I eat out, the better. But what seems to work for me, is that the more often I consume tuna and whole wheat crackers with water for every meal, I drop weight like it’s crazy.

I’m about 90% sure that those 50 pounds slid off because of just eating that alone, and that was because I was poor and tired of ramen. Also, ramen may taste good for like a month and then you start to ponder about life too much. Like, enough where you wonder how good enough is this for your body if I can get a pack of 5 ramen cups for about a dollar. (If you are in the Oklahoma area, check up on your local Crest foods).

Regardless. Eating right and excercise will help you along the way, but this may sound like an excuse, but it’s hard for me to find time to work out, because when I’m not running on 4 hours of sleep, I’m trying to get 8 and go from there.

However, this post has me mildly inspired to go for an exercise excursion  after work. Well, wish me luck, and as my doctor repeatedly points out, if I exercise more than I will lose weight and my depression will clear up.




3 thoughts on “Weight Loss

  1. Almost any physical activity will boost your mood. Our bodies are designed for activity. If you find that you just have no time for ‘exercise’ then start with little things: first thing in the morning take 5 minutes and rotate all your joints. 🙂 If you can turn it in a circle turn it. It could be as simple as taking 5 minutes and walk in place. (Or walk back and forth in hallway or in a room) I’ve learned over the years that anything is better than nothing. You CAN do this! ❤


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