My Mental Illness

Personally, I hate the term mental illness, it still doesn’t get the bad rep that it used to, but for some reason the term still makes me shudder.

So first off, I have depression except that for the most part, I can “fight it off” but it always comes back; also it’s not seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It happens probably about every other month.

Second off, right around this time, my anxiety attacks take place, which is honestly like a double whammy. It gets tough, but the last anxiety attack was the night before the 5K (September 30th) and I’m pretty sure I had three in a row.

I have medication for both, and I’m on depression medication, but the anxiety is only when it’s “really bad” or situational. I know I should be taking them, but they make my head feel all fuzzy and I feel groggy.

Instead, I’ve been working out more, and I can feel pretty elevated after the workout, but still sometimes it hits me like a brick wall. Not that this post is suddenly going to change all of that, but just so it’s out in the open.

Expect to see two different posts about this, it’s easier to explain that way.

Also, not sure if the gif above will work, but it’s perfect for the mood that I’m currently feeling.




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