Work Ethic

I had my phone interview today, which was nerve wracking. I never had  a phone interview before, and I didn’t like it because I couldn’t physically see how well they were taking my words and what they meant. I know that there are voice cues, but I feel like it made the whole process a bit harder, but if I do well in this, they will call me back for in person interviews next week.

The question that stuck with me the most was, “What is your definition of work ethic?” I wouldn’t say that I’ve interviewed a lot, but I wasn’t expecting that sort of question.

When asking Google, it gave me a pretty simple response:


I however, responded with something differently, and this is me paraphrasing since the phone interview happened at 11:45 this morning.

Work ethic is first instilled in us as children when we notice our nuclear families working hard to provide for us, and then as we get older we make the choice of becoming hard working adults to help provide for us. There are individuals, such as myself, who will always work hard to provide more than 100% effort and to continue working so that we can become the best in what we do.

Of course, looking back, it seems that majoring in Sociology has really helped me, not only because I can understand complex ideas, but also when it comes to it, I can explain things in an academic and sociological level. (A brief shout out to Dr Ford and Professor Coopley for busting my butt and helping me this far)

While this is still just for an entry level part time job, I think I gave a pretty decent response.

Until next time,



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