My second job includes working with children as a nanny, and one of the big issues that I run into with the children is the question of popularity. The older one is in her freshman year of high school and the younger one is in 5-6th grade. The older one has many friends and she is on her cheer leading squad, and thus pretty popular for her age, while the younger one doesn’t fit in with her own crowd, and mostly children a lot younger than her.

Popularity is fickle, at least in my mind. I wasn’t ever too popular and as a child it bothered me, but as an adult, I don’t think I’m too bothered by it. Sometimes it makes me sad that I don’t have bunches of friends around me, but I think through my introverted side, I have just come to the conclusion that I don’t care anymore. Which, that would be my rambunctious extroverted side of being overly confident and not caring.

Take celebrities for example, one moment they’re in, another they’re out. It’s not entirely their fault, it such goes with trends and other reasons (like drama, for example). I feel like popularity may be the same thing, mind you I was the fat friend in high school so I was known for “funny” jokes (they were sarcastic tendencies that I noticed in people, and I had to be funny without coming off like a jerk).

We all go through our ways to try and survive high school, but once we’re done, it’s real life. I tell those kids all the time, that popularity isn’t everything, but I guess it won’t truly matter for you until you are done with high school.

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